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On The Workflow Show, CHESA's Jason Whetstone and Ben Kilburg offer media workflow therapy and address overarching trends and specific tech topics to help guide you through these challenging yet exciting times of unprecedented change within the realm of digital workflows. CHESA is a full-service provider of technology systems and solutions that specializes in optimizing media workflows from creation to distribution and preservation. CHESA’s expert architects design pioneering asset management solutions that enable creative teams and drive efficiencies in IT, all backed by steadfast customer support. Dedicated to building long-term relationships as trusted partners, CHESA offers a rare level of passion and understanding in the design, development, deployment and maintenance of secure, high-performance media asset management solutions (MAM/DAM/PAM); cloud services, storage, backup, archive, ai tools, workflow automation, cloud platforms; media transcoding and delivery, customization, API integration, among other services.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. #46 "Solutions Architect Round Table — Remote Workflow Strategy"

    How do we see organizations changing in order to provide their production teams with the tools to succeed to create engaging media at a distance, now, and in the future? What are the most common solutions and tools organizations are using to remotely access their media and collaborate creatively? Join ...


  2. #45 "Work from Home Culture with Dave Helmly of Adobe Part 2"

    Does Adobe battle test new features and versions of Premiere Pro in the field before the put it in your hands? When should you absolutely delete and rebuild your media cache? How is Apple's new afterburner card performing in Adobe/s Premiere Pro? In the second part of this ...


  3. #44 "Work-From-Home Culture with Dave Helmly of Adobe"

    How has the immediate need to work remotely affected our editing and production disciplines? How are creatives, and the solutions they use, rapidly adapting to the challenges that we're all facing in this evolving culture? In the first part of this two-part episode, Ben and Jason hunker down at home ...


  4. #43 "Cloud Editing Realities and Myths"

    When and where does it make sense to incorporate the cloud into your post-production workflow? The cloud is here and it's staying, but confusion prevails in the M&E space. Every company has different requirements, and practical implementations vary. How can you meet the needs of the creatives and IT department ...


  5. #42 "Preserving Treasures"

    Media storage technology has come a long way since the days of cellulose film. The film and tape still around today may contain hidden treasures just waiting to be found. But how long can these formats last? What does it take to transition valuable content over to modern storage formats? Join ...