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On The Workflow Show, CHESA's Jason Whetstone and Ben Kilburg offer media workflow therapy and address overarching trends and specific tech topics to help guide you through these challenging yet exciting times of unprecedented change within the realm of digital workflows. CHESA is a full-service provider of technology systems and solutions that specializes in optimizing media workflows from creation to distribution and preservation. CHESA’s expert architects design pioneering asset management solutions that enable creative teams and drive efficiencies in IT, all backed by steadfast customer support. Dedicated to building long-term relationships as trusted partners, CHESA offers a rare level of passion and understanding in the design, development, deployment and maintenance of secure, high-performance media asset management solutions (MAM/DAM/PAM); cloud services, storage, backup, archive, ai tools, workflow automation, cloud platforms; media transcoding and delivery, customization, API integration, among other services.

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  1. #57 Scaling Out Workflows; Audio Production vs. Video Production with Ben Meadors, Post Production Engineer, Spotify Studios

    The Workflow Show is also available on Spotify, Stitcher, iTunes, Amazon, YouTube Subscribe on Castos On this episode of The Workflow Show, Jason and Ben speak with Ben Meadors, ...


  2. #56 Engineering Empathy: Building Innovative Access Systems and Preserving Video Testimony with Sam Gustman, CTO and Associate Dean at USC Shoah Foundation and USC Libraries

    On this episode of The Workflow Show, hosts Ben and Jason interview Sam Gustman, CTO of USC Shoah Foundation - The Institute for Visual History and Education (USC Shoah Foundation) and Associate Dean and CTO ...


  3. #55 Creative Journeys: Surprise! You Work in IT Now

    Feeling the Pain of Being Out of Your Technical Depth? Don’t Suffer in Silence - CHESA’s got a Workflow Therapy couch ready for you. Take heart from your CHESA friends’ struggles with “Imposter Syndrome”- and tactics to overcome it! – throughout their careers. CHESA Business Development rep Louise Shideler returns to chat with hosts, ...


  4. #54 “Education to Innovation: A conversation with Mike Szumlinski of Cloud Based Media Asset Management”

    On this episode of The Workflow Show, Ben and Jason speak to guest Mike Szumlinski, Chief Commercial Officer at, about what it means to foster the growth of a product and creating a collaboration tool for media asset management in the cloud. ...


  5. #53 Shared NVMe Storage, Object Storage, and the Future of StorNext, with Eric Bassier

    CHESA’s Ben and Jason chat with Eric Bassier, Senior Director of Product and Technical Marketing at Quantum. Ben and Jason ask Eric about the future of storage systems in and ...