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On The Workflow Show, CHESA's Jason Whetstone and Ben Kilburg offer media workflow therapy and address overarching trends and specific tech topics to help guide you through these challenging yet exciting times of unprecedented change within the realm of digital workflows. CHESA is a full-service provider of technology systems and solutions that specializes in optimizing media workflows from creation to distribution and preservation. CHESA’s expert architects design pioneering asset management solutions that enable creative teams and drive efficiencies in IT, all backed by steadfast customer support. Dedicated to building long-term relationships as trusted partners, CHESA offers a rare level of passion and understanding in the design, development, deployment and maintenance of secure, high-performance media asset management solutions (MAM/DAM/PAM); cloud services, storage, backup, archive, ai tools, workflow automation, cloud platforms; media transcoding and delivery, customization, API integration, among other services.

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  1. #52 Creativity Driving Innovation, a talk with Michael Cioni

    In the second half of our interview with Michael Cioni of, Ben and Jason ask Michael about his background and the sights he saw in filmmaking along the way. They discuss Michael’s trip to be featured at Cannes, despite his college’s wishes. Michael details the lessons he’s ...


  2. #51 Workflow In the Cloud - Creativity Drives Innovation - A Talk with Michael Cioni

    For this episode of The Workflow Show, we're delighted to have guest Michael Cioni, Global SVP of Innovation at, as our guest. Jason and Ben ask specifically what it means to lead innovation, what's next for Media IT and post production in film, and how to inspire creative teams ...


  3. #50 Media Workflow Basics : Part 2.5 of 5 Media Storage

    In this second half of the second installment, or part two of part two, of the Media and Entertainment Digital Workflow Series, Jason and Ben continue their discussion of storage. They explore erasure coding, what differentiates it from traditional RAID, and what it’s advantages and disadvantages are for M&E workflows. ...


  4. #48 Media Workflow Basics: Part 1 of 5: Ingest Media and Ingest Video

    Join Jason and Ben as they begin a multi-episode tour through the digital media workflow and entertainment workflow creation process. In this first episode, dedicated to ingest media, they discuss some of the common mistakes made in media organizations. Join as they share some simple best practices and cool MAM ...


  5. #47 "Building a Bridge between Media Production and IT Professionals with Daniel Rosenberg, Lead Creative Technologies, PVH Corp."

    Creative professionals are used to driving their technology decisions based on the technical requirements of their media creation processes. What happens when they find themselves working for, or within, a larger company with strict rules and regulations for corporate governance? Or maybe you're an IT professional who now finds themselves ...